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We’ve been married forever. A few years ago Pattie and I re-fired and didn’t retire. We embarked on a new journey.

We encourage others to develop outward-focused living.

Pattie is a special needs aide at a local elementary school. She is a triplet. She loves to create, laugh, and pray for others. We currently live in Kettering, Ohio.

We are serving Upper Room Worship Center in Tipp City, Ohio. I also write Kindness-to-go.com. Ongoing how-to’s of small acts of kindness created to encourage people to have a positive connection to their world.

See Kindness-to-go.com.

The messenger is the message.

+ Often a connection point, or an a-ha moment, is created as we serve others, pray for someone, or express love through a small act of kindness. When we go and do, we begin to see… and have compassion for the people of our world.

+ An outward-focused environment is created through thoughts, words, questions, actions, and attitudes.

+ Outwardness is more often caught than taught. It’s in the experience of going, and doing…we see differently.

Steve & Pattie

My book Go. Sow. Practical tips, stories, and helps toward outward-focused living…

The revised Edition Is available on Amazon.